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Berkey Hall phased opening


Berkey Hall reopened for faculty and staff in Fall 2023 who wished to utilize their existing offices and space. In Spring 2024, classroom instruction returned to Berkey Hall.

The first floor of the north wing of Berkey Hall will no longer house classroom spaces. With the engagement of a trauma-informed design team and input from impacted community members, planning is underway for the renovation of the impacted wing. Construction is scheduled take place in the summer of 2024, and no courses will be held in the building during this time.

The renovation plans for the first floor of the north wing include the reconfiguration of the impacted and surrounding classrooms into a community gathering space, the addition of small-group meeting rooms, a reflection room, gender-neutral restroom facilities and a personal health room. The remaining classrooms will also be repurposed to serve as offices for student advising, the College of Social Science Scholars program, and programs within the College of Social Science dedicated to experiential learning.

Berkey Hall is currently open to the public 7:30 a.m.–6 p.m. An MSU ID is required to access the building 6 p.m.–7:30 a.m. While visiting the building may be challenging, it can provide individuals with opportunities to acclimate to the space and the emotions that may be present for them.


Courses resume in spring 2024

Ahead of the return to classroom instruction in Berkey Hall, various offices, including the colleges/departments teaching in the facility, the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation, University Health and Wellbeing, and the Office for Resource and Support Coordination, actively supported those who would be teaching and learning in Berkey Hall.

Guidance to instructors was issued electronically and presented in college-led listening sessions for the College of Social Sciences and the College of Arts and Letters. The Office for Undergraduate Education dedicated a strategic retention manager to support students who identified as having difficulty finding alternative course locations. The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities dedicated an assistant director to support those students who were seeking possible accommodations related to learning in Berkey Hall.

During the first week of classes, the College of Social Science, the College of Arts and Letters, and the Office for Resource and Support Coordination hosted welcome tables, provided snacks and drinks throughout the day, and staffed the building with counselors and support dogs. Information to access supportive resources was provided via handouts and posted throughout the building. Additionally, careful attention was paid to reduce the potential for loud noises and surprising experiences in Berkey Hall.


Student support

Each semester, as students sign up for courses, they are asked to be mindful of course locations. Students with concerns about taking a course in Berkey Hall are asked to reach out to their academic adviser, who can work with them to consider any available alternatives (those options may be limited in some cases).

Students interested in formal accommodations should register with the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities to determine eligibility. For mental health resources, students can contact Counseling and Psychiatric Services.


Educator support

In Fall 2023, the College of Social Science and the College of Arts and Letters held events for educators to increase preparedness to teach effectively and sensitively in Berkey Hall. This advice was informed by campus experts and emphasized the importance of careful consideration in course content and the importance of providing support for all students who may have a range of feelings about Feb. 13.

Educators teaching in Berkey Hall are asked to honor the modality listed in course schedules and continue the emphasis on in-person instruction. Educators who need accommodations should contact the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities. Those in need of mental health support are encouraged to reach out to MSU’s Employee Assistance Program. Other resources include information about Trauma Informed Teaching and Teaching After a Crisis.